"Don't wait for a special occasion. Life IS the special occasion."

luke parton


Luke is a futurist, being inspired by the future and what could be. There are no coincidences and Luke sees the links between all things. He strongly believes in taking ownership and responsibility of one’s life and actions.

After struggling with chronic fatigue for over a decade and experiencing a close shave with death in a head-on car accident, Luke realised what was truly important in life. It gave him a renewed passion to see real and lasting change in other people’s lives by helping them realise their created value.

Luke is constantly on the search for reasons and causes. Being fascinated by ideas, every situation he finds himself in, he loves to think of ideas and ways to improve it – often taking seemingly random phenomena, finding a connection, and creating something new and practical to make life easier.

He sees each conversation as a divine appointment.

He loves surfing and seizing the opportunity to make a profound difference in improving the lives of others.


One of Brooke’s greatest strengths is empathy, and it’s usually the first word people use to describe her. She cares deeply for others and finds it her greatest privilege to walk alongside others and cultivate the potential within them.

As a consistent ray of sunshine and joy, the energy of the room is instantly lifted when Brooke graces the room with her presence. Her enthusiasm is contagious and gets others excited about what they are doing. Stimulating personal and group excellence, she can transform something good into something great.

For Brooke, the moment is everything, and life should be enjoyed and lived with purpose.

Brooke is incredibly servant-hearted, and has a passion for hospitality, good conversation, hip hop dancing, creativity and has the gift to turn any space into a designer masterpiece.

brooke parton


Luke and Brooke are described as a power couple. Luke’s vision for the future is perfectly balanced by Brooke ‘present moment’ attitude, and together their perspective on life is that it should be both enjoyed and lived with purpose working towards greater things in the future.

Luke and Brooke’s identity stems from their belief in God as the loving creator, and their greatest desire is for others to understand how deeply they too, are loved and valued and be transformed by His radical love.



We tell the truth, do what’s right, and honor our commitments even when expensive, inconvenient, or embarrassing. We believe nothing is more important than our reputation, and behaving with the highest levels of integrity is fundamental to who we are.


We believe in taking ownership and responsibility for our choices. We encourage our team and clients to create their best life; to rest and rejuvenate, care for their health and prioritise their most important relationships and values.


We value people most highly and treat everyone with the utmost respect, kindness, and compassion. We believe people have intrinsic value.


We invest both our business and individual resources in opportunities with an exponential return, measured by profit, impact, or both. We believe in utilising technology in order to leverage our input to create exponential growth.


We never stop learning. We constantly seek to improve our services, operations and ourselves.


We value clear, intentional and effective communication and feedback within a team, both negative and positive.