Taking Risks vs Being Risky


Would you say you’re a person who takes risks or is risky?

The difference between ‘taking risks’ and ‘being risky’ is huge..

If you’re wanting to create financial freedom for yourself, it’s essential you understand the difference between the two.

Not long after school I slipped straight into the family earthmoving business. Within a week I knew it wasn’t the career I wanted to pursue.

However, I stayed in that industry for well over a decade because even the thought of doing something different was so scary to me. Thinking that the easy route was the safe path, I remained trapped in my world of ‘security’.

What I didn’t realise at the time, was that I was actually taking the most risky route of all.

What I thought was a safe path, was in fact an unsafe, risky way of living because I was putting on the line my health and wellbeing, my happiness and long term financial freedom.

On top of that, my personal fulfilment dwindled, and my dreams and creativity were buried by doing what I thought I wanted, while sacrificing everything I actually wanted.

It took a long time to realise what it was that was holding me back, and it wasn’t easy to change my mindset from the ‘safe’, risky way of thinking, to open my mind up to take the necessary risk to achieving my true goals, despite how scary it was.

Needless to say there’s no way I could be where I am today if I hadn’t scrapped the risky life, and taken the calculated risk to create the life I actually wanted.

I’m proud to tell you that I’ve been running a successful lifestyle business with my beautiful wife for almost 12 months now, and no longer am I sacrificing, and putting on the line, the things I value most.

All this wouldn’t have happened if I’d continued down the risky path because…

You risk achieving your dreams when you never take a risk.

It’s the difference between those who are successful and those who aren’t.

Those that take the risk and learn new skills open up for themselves a multitude of opportunities to grow personally and financially, and achieve something they never thought could be a reality in their wildest dreams. By walking away from the ‘security’ of the status quo, they take a risk for the sake of creating an income and life that they truly want.

If you really want to get somewhere in life, you must adopt the concept of taking risks, even if you start with a small risk.

So I challenge you to start by taking a small risk today, you have two investment options:

  1. Invest time
  2. Invest money

Your lifestyle matters, so choose wisely.

Remember courage is one step outside of your comfort zone.

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